Technical Controls Inc., dba TCI Wireless, is an Equipment Integrator in the Wireless Industry. We specialize in the installation of Base Stations, Network Equipment, Power Systems, Battery Systems, Microwave Radios, and the other hardware integral to the construction of a complete, robust, and reliable wireless network. As a Licensed and Certified Electrical Contractor and also provide installations for AC power systems, including Standby Generators. Our installations, customized to your specific requirements, are of the highest quality. Our installations are Efficient and Economical to meet every budget. We believe that High Quality Work has real value and that the most expensive solution is the one that doesn’t work the first time and every time. We provide Design Services and Project Management Services to ensure your projects meet the rigorous demands of today’s wireless industry. Our goal is to provide reliable solutions, of the highest quality, in the most efficent manner, on time and on budget, regardless of the challenges your project faces.

Licenced Electrical Contractors

Alcatel-Lucent SRA Certification

NEC Microwave Certified

Aviat Microwave Certified

SCTE Brodband Transport Specialist

Clearfield Partner Certification